An accomplished Finance Executive, Capital- & Funding Advisor, Financial Controller, Financial- & Transformation Professional with several years of diverse and deep financial management and accounting experience, a solid track record that creates, develops, implements and delivers operative, time-saving, money-saving efficiency solutions in finance supported by a deep and authentic passion for finance, analytical, business intelligence & strong accounting background.  A Change Agent who excels in Cash Flow Management, Budgeting & Forecasting, Complex Financial Modeling that meets high accuracy and compliance standards (Legal and Rating Agency Methodology). Someone that can articulate "Growth" and "Credit Metrics" through implementing strategy, managing Accounting functions, Working Capital Management, and delivering financial management processes aligning technology to drive improvements, integration, profitability, reporting, value and efficiency through superior financial-, process- and data modeling analytics. See Testimonials here: https://business-advisor.ca/what-other-say/

 An MBA, and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with progressive financial leadership experience in Financial ManagementFinance Transformation, Corporate Finance, Structured-, Project- and Infrastructure Funding. I take great pleasure in developing sound strategies with measurable outcomes from modeling complex financial and data problems backed by project management-, communication & interpersonal skills helping me to deliver constantly on all metrics so that your business and company can progress, develop and benefit. My experience is backed by strong International- and Canadian finance, -business & transferable skills and diversity. I hold a:

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree,

Hons Bachelor of Commerce (Investment Management) degree,

Master of Commerce (Business Management) degree,  and

Diploma in Computer Information Systems & Business.

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