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Eugene Van Den Berg - Ahead by a Century

An accomplished Analyst, Accountant, Controller, CFO, Finance Executive, Investor Relations-, Capital- & Funding Advisor, Corporate Financier, Financial Analyst, Financial Manager, Financial- & Transformation Professional, and Director of Companies with several years of diverse and deep financial management and accounting experience, a solid track record that creates, develops, implements and delivers operative, time-saving, money-saving efficiency solutions in finance supported by a deep and authentic passion for corporate finance, analytical problem-solving, climate economics, business intelligence & strong accounting background.  My father taught me Accounting at the age of 13-years. From there the passion for finance quadrupled through continuous learning.

There are many benefits and huge cost savings leveraging the expertise of a part-time Controller and CFO.

Offering Analytical, Accounting Controller & CFO services complement what I do in Investor Relations, Corporate Finance, Financial Management, and Finance Transformation, and now also in the space of Environment Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development.

Climate Economics is the new frontier. Many don't fully realize and appreciate it yet. Developing effective ESG strategies will require painstakingly deep lifecycle analysis to ensure the costing, the Green House Gas (GHG) and Co2 emissions impacts are correctly quantified. 

Already in 2021, the world is coming to realize that skewed and unproductive government- and climate change policies are costly seeing 2021 to be starkly remembered for the onset of a global energy crisis, driven by demand exceeding fossil fuel supplies, combined with the onset of a commodity supercycle and sharp rising energy prices.  The commodity supercycle unfolding since April 2020, is also driven by the shift in Renewable Energy (RE) policy transition impacts.  RE component parts and batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV's) require vasts amounts of different types of commodities. Commodities also require a vast supply of fossil fuel to process them using industrial equipment and large-scale industrial processes. These drive the thirst for oil in a big way. 

That situation squarely falls on low- and substantial under-investment since 2015 in fossil fuels development with climate activism adding fuel to the fire influencing political world leaders to focus only on one aspect of matters and not tying together 1+1 =2, unfortunately.

We are only getting out of the starting blocks now putting more effort into implementing climate change policy. There are lots to achieve by 2030 and lots to be accomplished by 2050 and already RE commodity supply chains are under severe pressure. Weighing into the equation is the growing shortage in microchips that are required for all electronics and EV's. The main supplier is Taiwan and geopolitical risks in that region are causing concerns. The supply chain issues around microchips are not going to be resolved not until ~2023 as suggested by others close to these challenges.

In 2021 the world is hit with a "black Swan". Many believe its Covid19 supply chain bottlenecks. To a certain degree, yes, but it is much deeper than that given that the unfolding commodity supercycle already started in April 2020 during the early times of the first wave of Covid19. Covid19 flushed out what became problematic (hidden in straight daylight) in supply chain efficiency as the world has become more globalized since the early 1990s

It's the depth and breadth and many years' dedicated finance experience that can truly make a difference to your business, evident from my testimonials.

I am A Change Agent, a champion who excels in Economic Analysis, Financial- and Climate Economic Analysis, Cash Flow Management, Budgeting & Forecasting, Complex Financial Modeling, developing systems of internal controls and finance functions for startups. I do that through skills and abilities to connect the dots. Skills and abilities that meet the high accuracy and compliance standards (Legal, Regulatory, and Credit Rating Agency Methodology). Someone that can articulate "Growth", Climate Economics-, Sustainable Development (SDG's) and "Credit Metrics" through implementing innovative communication and unique financial artifacts supporting communicating the Strategy, managing Accounting & Finance functions, Working Capital Management, Capital Structure, Investment Opportunity; and delivering financial management processes aligning technology to drive improvements, integration, profitability, reporting, value, and efficiency through the superior financial-, process- and data modeling analytics.

See Testimonials here: https://business-advisor.ca/what-other-say/

I articulate complex financial information in an easily understood realistic storyboard that supports definitive Investment and Funding decisions in a firm but crystal clearly defined fashion. That is my style. If that is your style too, we will work well together, Ahead by a Century!

An MBA, and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with progressive financial leadership experience in Financial ManagementFinance Transformation, Corporate Finance, Structured-, Project- and Infrastructure Funding. I take great pleasure in developing sound strategies, performing Analysis, attending to Accounting matters with measurable outcomes from modeling complex financial and data problems backed by project management-, communication & interpersonal skills helping me to deliver constantly on all metrics so that your business and company can progress, develop and benefit. My experience is backed by strong International Capital Markets- and Canadian finance, -business & transferable skills and diversity. I hold:

UniversityQualification earned
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
[B.Com (Accounting)]
Hons. Bachelor of Commerce (Investment Management)
[B.Com (Hons) Investment Management]

Master of Commerce (Business Management)
[M.Com (Business Management)]
Dip.CIS & Business
[Diploma in Computer Information Systems & Business]

Enjoy the rich content on my website, let's connect and discuss how I can add value to you!

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Eugene Van Den Berg - Ahead by a Century
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