Experience & Skills

Summarising below my Depth & Breadth, What I do and In-Demand Skills supported by testimonials covering my entire career and professional work-life.

CFO and Finance Expertise

      • IFRS (since 2003), Canadian GAAP (including ASPE and not-for-profit), US GAAP;
      • Managing IFRS conversion in Canada (2011 to 2013);
      • Arrange debt financing and equity where needed;
      • Assist in formulating future strategic direction and supporting tactical initiatives;
      • Construct and monitor reliable control systems;
      • Develop investment and capital strategy ;
      • Develop Investor Relations Strategy supported by articulating messaging and roadshows through engagement that benefits strategic growth and development;
      • Develop financial strategies;
      • Develop high-stakes financial models;
      • Develop performance measures supporting strategic direction;
      • Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies;
      • Ensure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements;
      • Establish and maintain good relationships with key customers, prospects suppliers, funders and investors;
      • Implement operational best practices;
      • Lead all steps of mergers and acquisitions involving developing business cases; oversee due diligence; conduct financial impact analysis, financial value assessments, negotiate acquisitions; plan, organize, solicit funding, review funding options and execute business integration;
      • Manage capital and budgeting processes;
      • Manage the accounting department;
      • Monitor all open legal issues involving the company, and legal issues affecting the industry;
      • Monitor and direct the implementation of strategic business plans;
      • Monitor cash balances and cash forecasts;
      • Oversee employee bonus and benefit plans;
      • Oversee the company’s transaction processing systems;
      • Oversee the financial operations of subsidiary & associate companies and foreign operations;
      • Oversee the issuance of financial information; review and report financial results to the CEO, Board, Suppliers, Funders, Investors, and Banks;
      • Participate in key decisions as a member of the executive management team;
      • Represent the company externally with funders and other significant stakeholders;
      • Supervise all contractual agreements;
      • Establishment of financial policies and procedures;
      • Oversight of internal staff and external consultants;
      • Preparation of financial statements and MD&A;
      • Oversight of company equity plans;
      • Oversight of company IT infrastructure;
      • Facilities Management and Corporate Records Storage Arrangements;
      • Preparation of Audit Committee Package and presentation;
      • Preparation of Annual Report and information circular
        Work with external auditors;
      • Manage Treasury functions;
      • Oversight of Tax filings;
      • Preparation of news and press releases;
      • Attend Board of Directors meetings;
      • Preparation and presentation of the annual budget;
      • Oversight of legal documents for partners, vendors, and banks;
      • Forecasting and business case modeling;
      • Work with CEO, directors, and Board on strategy;
      • Coordination of public and private financings
        Investor and government relations pursuant to Securities Laws; and
      • Understand and mitigate key elements of the business- and group’s risk profile

Key CFO and Finance Skills

      • 20 + years of experience in senior-level finance and accounting positions, with strategic planning and execution and partnering with executives and funders;
      • Experience with contracts, negotiations, and change management;
      • Experience working in a growing multinational, with Canadian, American and international subsidiaries; and with knowledge of government financial regulations;
      • Extensive knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, and cost control principles, RED and S&OP;
      • Good knowledge of best practices in internal controls;
      • High level of written and oral communication skills;
      • Knowledge of tax and regulations impact structure and operations;
      • Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management;
      • Sound analytical thinking, planning, prioritization, and execution skills;
      • Strong leadership skills and proven ability to conduct commercial transactions;
      • Strong problem identification and problem resolution skills;
      • University degree in Finance, Accounting and Investment Management;
      • Excellent perceptive skills reading the audience and situation(s); and
      • A well-defined sense of striking a balance between diplomacy, assertiveness, and participative management, including negotiations, conflict resolution, and people management skills.

Expertise as an Analyst

      • Partners with business unit management teams to further both parties understanding of the business unit performance with support that includes preparation/review of business cases, what-if analyses, and follow-up analyses after implementation;
      • Responsible for the communication of business partner requirements and updates. Researches, designs, recommends, and implements business solutions to meet business partner needs;
      • Models, analyzes, and forecasts revenue, risk and expense-related performance on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, including forecasting of environmental and industry trends, in-depth variance analysis, business unit financial performance assessments, and complex ad-hoc analysis;
      • Represents accounting and finance teams on projects related to the development or sourcing of data for reporting purposes. Responsible for the communication of financial data requirements for the project and for keeping project team(s) updated on project objectives, progress, and status;
      • Conducts periodic reviews with business unit management to identify gaps in information reporting, and new information requirements. Designs, recommends, and implements solutions to meet business partner needs;
        Co-ordinates all phases of the financial planning cycle including design, consolidation, preparation, and maintenance of data, models, and schedules related to the planning, reporting, and forecasting cycles;
      • Co-ordinates as a key participant in annual planning sessions with operations, sales, and product management;
      • Analise capital adequacy, efficiency, and working capital needs on an ongoing basis and make recommendations;
      • Develop and lead scenario testing and developing and updating models for scenario testing;
      • Responsible for the development, documentation, and maintenance of departmental processes and procedures;
      • Initiates and leads projects to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business units, operations, and financial reporting;
      • Gather and organize financial data from all departments and business units for reporting and analytical purposes to develop compelling visuals and dashboards supporting decision-making;
      • Compile and analyze financial reports and find discrepancies that require senior management’s, audit & risk committee, and board’s attention;
      • Manage the general ledger and devote time to risk management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, capital investment, and working capital;
        Prepare financial reports with reliable conclusions that management can use to implement more effective operational strategies;
      • Forecast models for revenue changes, operational efficiencies, and expenditure increases & decreases; and
      • Develop and compile reports for C-level, boards, and shareholders.
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