International Portfolio

Deep International Advisory experience in Corporate-, Structured-, Project & Infrastructure Finance, and Banking support Eugene’s outstanding achievements gained during a career spanning 16-years prior to moving to Canada.

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Advised Companhia Moçambicana de Hidrocarbonetos SARL , in Mozambique, on the re-financing of its original Gas Project debt, revised budget as well as on the funding of its Gas Field expansion project. Total funding $133 million (2007 to 2008);
Successfully developed, arranged, implemented and registered a Domestic Note and Redeemable Preference Share Programme for $140 million for the Kagiso Group (2003 to 2004) and ongoing management thereof through Kagiso Sizanani Capital (Pty) Ltd. This project was the very first empowerment organization to approach the capital markets with a credit rating in South Africa (2004 to 2008). Developed the full financial management, data- and financial reporting processes, compliance and listing processes supportive of investor requirements and IFRS reporting for Kagiso Sizanani Capital (Pty) Ltd following having been instrumental in the development, arranging and implementation & registration of a Domestic Note and Redeemable Preference Share Programme, for $140 million, a first of its kind in South Africa and for the Kagiso Group (A BEE Investment group with $500 million in assets) . This project was the very first empowerment organization in South Africa to approach the capital markets with a credit rating in South Africa of zaBBB, was the very first capital management program that effectively combined the ability to issue debt and preference shares for listing of tap issues thereunder on The Bond Exchange of South Africa. These achievements were widely recognized in the media. Stemming from the nature of work, the project part and ongoing management further required the continuous development and communication to management, throughout the entire group, of managerial processes and controls that are required and supportive of the rating criteria from S&P and Moody’s Investor Services. Reporting to the Managing Director, Group Chief Financial Officer and Group Chief Executive Officer (ad-hoc). In 2012 (post my time) a substantial large issue was completed through a book-build supported by the capital management platform I developed (2004 to 2008);
Developed the entire accounting-, project management-, and business processes, integrated with web-based marketing strategies and centralizing the business processes stemming from having being a Co-Founder of a successful Small-Medium-Enterprise business in the multimedia production industry. The aim, to integrate the business risk management activities and the ability to track profitability-, working capital- and costs on a real-time basis and on a per-project basis (2000 to 2008);

Board Member of Infrastructure Finance Corporation Ltd, a company with assets of circa $730 million providing funding for infrastructure development and a member of 3-board sub-committees. Successfully contributed to the responsibilities of the Credit-, ALCO, and Fair-Value committees (2004 to 2008);

Advised the Gauteng Provincial Government on funding development options regarding affordability of the Gautrain Rapid Rail link project ( a Public-Private-Partnership project) $3,5 billion, the largest project in the history of South Africa ranked 3rd largest project worldwide in the 2007 project finance league tables (2004 to 2007);
Advised Demindex Resources Corporation (S.A)(Pty) Ltd on the development, structuring and implementation of a Global Note Programme, a $70 million Programme and the first High Yield debt listing in South Africa (2005 to 2006);
Advised on the refinancing / re-structuring of two existing prisons (Public-Private-Partnership projects) $100 million for The Department of Correctional Services, due to excessive break-costs involved (2004 to 2005);

Co-Advising with Rand Merchant Bank, a division of FirstRand Bank Ltd on the development of a Synthetic CDO of $286 million for Development Bank of South Africa (2003 to 2005);

Co-advised with Societe Generale, based in London, United Kingdom, on the refinancing of the N4 Toll Road (a Public-Private-Partnership project) $314 million. (2003 to 2005) Negotiated and advised on-, solicited funding and implemented the acquisition, by Kagiso, of a 43.96% interest in Infrastructure Finance Corporation Ltd (2002 to 2004);

Co-Advised with Tokyo Mitsubishi International plc, London, United Kingdom, on structured finance projects for Edcon, a clothing retailer, and Saambou Bank, a mid-sized bank (2001 to 2002);

Project Finance Credit, Funding Analysis, Modeling & Legal contracts for the majority of private healthcare-development projects in South Africa at MLS Bank. Today, these highly successful hospitals belong to the largest medical care-provider in South Africa. (1996 to 1998);

Spearheaded developing and implementing a client portfolio & credit model for ongoing credit exposure management purposes at both ABSA Corporate Bank and Bankfin Industrial Finance (1993 to 1996)

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