It’s all about scaling, nothing less nothing more

Eugene van den Berg, Nov 2021

The days of those pestering “keeners” are numbered. Thank God for that.

I laughed out loud reading the beginning part of this article.

The WSJ writes:

 It’s not going to be who comes on-site every day but the person who can work and lead effectively across different places and spaces effectively.

We live in a world driven by information and globalization. In one business day, the world changes a lot.

Just think about how technology has changed since the early 2000s. Many businesses we took for granted no longer exist. Good examples are DVD stores, CD Music-, Record and Video/DVD shops that first downsized during the late 2000s and then disappeared in the 2010s. Think about the early years of Netflix and Netflix today.

Shopping is likely next as more people grow to adapt to online shopping. The Covid19 pandemic ushered in a more significant permanent shift to online.

In the same fashion, just as businesses adapt to changes, employees, managers, and leaders too will adapt.

Those that can scale, without strings attached, combined with strong collaboration and communication skills, are the new leaders, notwithstanding your technical background.

Finance can be the champion of this. Finance already plays a central role within the organization by being truly service-centric to help other departments gain improved visibility on data and numbers.