What I Do

I work as a Financial Executive with abysmal and indiscriminate Finance experience and remarkable outstanding achievements in all finance work that I do. I pride my abilities to combine finance aspects into big-picture thinking. I integrate transactional accounting and aspects supporting strong and accurate financial outlooks. I combine and articulate the "growth" and "credit metrics" in support of outstanding funder- and investor relations. My financial forecasting is more than just the numbers, it's driven by business-specific, market-specific and economic drivers to develop easy to complex short-term and long-term financial models that I subject to severe stress-testing in accordance with international credit rating principles. This is the core with which I develop engagement to tell your story, to raise new capital, to restructure existing balance sheets, to enhance profitability and value for shareholders. It goes far beyond merely just the accounting of transactions, it's the passion and desire to develop insights into every single business challenge. I create "artwork" in a financial storyboard-presentation of strategic and business operational problems needing to be solved and change implemented. I am the shareholders', stakeholders', board's, executive management's and directors' trusted "wing-man" in all that I do in finance and financial management because I live by "being a doer", "doing what I say I will do" and then exceed my own expectations.

I have honed these fine abilities through harnessing strong handling skills supported by continuous learning in financial management, capital structuring, working capital improvements, financial controls, financial visibility, financial BI,  and finance business transformation in the space where information systems, business, financial planning, strategy, funding and the finance functions converge to support fluid reporting, information, and analytics. I differentiate what I do by virtue of excellence that is executed in accordance with the Canadian Association of Certified Management Consultants(CACMC) Code of Conduct. My strengths and talents allow for delivering 360-degree “peripheral vision” to ensure financial management, finance transformation, execution and implementation are a success evident from past achievements in an unchartered business territory. The ability to deliver, by being a “doer” combined with depth and vision.

Diversity, passion for what I do, and the ability to scale the bigger strategic picture have developed an engaging skill-set supportive of managing change. Since my early career, I constantly was drawn into complex business problems that had features attached to it not seen before. My personal life too has been exposed to a lot of and many different aspects of hard- and difficult “Change”. My integrated Skills-DNA, reflect something like this:

Core pillars of experience stem from deep Capital & Credit Markets experience, working with Stakeholders on Strategic Aspects, Strong experience developing and improving Business, Financial Management, and Financial Processes, for large and small businesses; and funding-, investor relations & financing developments, all supported by Entrepreneurial aptitude stemming from developing businesses and implementing change.

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