What I Offer

Today, Finance and IT are far more integrated, thus finance transformation includes a focus on enabling corporate strategy, capital efficiency and competitive growth in the marketplace. Financial management is about bringing together the smooth integration of finance, reporting, data and business intelligence. Improving business efficiencies is more than just making a few process changes, it’s about process-people-system-future outlook.

It’s understanding the wider strategic and implementation impacts on finance, capital, risks, funder- & investor relations, and change management that is of paramount importance in a business environment that is challenged by constant change, market dynamics, technology and all-important changing client behaviour, market-share and sales growth. It’s about dealing with RED and S&OP. It’s having the ability to integrate People, Systems, and Processes (Operating Model) against the backdrop of Organizational Behaviour. I constantly deliver on challenging business metrics supporting highly competitive value-for-money solutions evident from my experience, what I do and examples of previous achievements. I thrive on building financial intelligence and visibility, articulating the “growth story” against the backdrop of investment- and credit risk. I manage projects in accordance with uniquely developed performance metrics, research and methodologies in order to gauge progress, change and impact on budgets, financial planning, reporting and value-for-money.

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