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I am sharing with you, below, this specific well-wishes I received from my son. It's heartfelt, authentic and reflects on my attributes in a nonwork setting. Please scroll down to access, read and review all other work testimonials.

"...On this special day, I want to take a moment to express just how much you mean to me. Throughout my life, you have been not only a father but also a role model and a true source of inspiration. Your strength, kindness, and unwavering support have shaped me into the person I am today, and for that, I am endlessly grateful. Dad, I have the utmost respect for you. Your integrity, work ethic, and resilience in facing life's challenges have taught me valuable lessons that go beyond words. Your wisdom and guidance have always been my guiding light, helping me navigate through both smooth waters and rough seas. Above all, I want you to know how deeply I love you. Your love has been a constant presence, filling my life with warmth and joy. From the simple moments we have shared to the milestones we've celebrated together; each memory is etched in my heart. Thank you, Dad, for the upbringing you have given me. Your dedication to providing for our family and nurturing us with love and care is something I cherish beyond measure. You have taught me the importance of compassion, responsibility, and perseverance, qualities that continue to shape my life journey. As we celebrate your birthday, I want to remind you of the impact you have had on my life and the lives of those around you. April 2024.

"Eugene, again, it was good to get to know you and a privilege to work with you. You are a gifted, enthusiastic and committed financial advisor. Thank you for being a part of our team this spring. Your work and presence help make a difference in the Kingdom. Wishing you all the best and God's speed in your future endeavours." Parish Vitality Coordinator (Nova Scotia), The Diocesan Synod of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island - 2022

"There is no question on anyone’s part as to how you have helped navigate the Diocese through our audit, our budget review, and the many other pieces you have picked up and handled over the last few months.  The Diocese has enjoyed working closely with you, having completed a substantial piece of work on our Audit and budget review. Eugene, on a personal note, I am deeply appreciative of your energy and enthusiasm and the ideas your brought to your work here in the Diocese". Executive Director (Nova Scotia), The Diocesan Synod of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island - 2022

“Eugene’s energy and determination are matched only by his intelligence. Eugene is an expert at finding creative and rational solutions for the hardest problems. Eugene is happy to roll up his sleeves on his own or be a part of a team. His willingness to work long hours to get the job done was greatly appreciated, and good motivation to have the team around him try to keep up with his output.” VP Int. Sales, Owner (Canada), North American toy manufacturing & wholesale distribution company - 2022

"I have to add my comments to Eugene's long list of testimonials. I had the pleasure of working with Eugene for half a year. Six months in which the fate of my company hung in the balance. His knowledge, dedication, and yes friendship got us over the hump and back on track. Eugene quickly took the measure of our staff and systems and modified both for maximum efficiency. He successfully dealt with our banking relationships. He blended seamlessly in with all other departments. Should I have the opportunity to work with him again I would gladly avail myself". CEO, Owner (USA), North American toy manufacturing & wholesale distribution company - 2022

"It was such a pleasure to work with Eugene. His love of data and process was obvious from the very beginning and having someone on the team with the ability to understand the state of the world and apply that to the inner workings of the Finance Team was invaluable. His attention to detail and analytical thought processes come across clearly in his work. His keen mind and professional attitude make him an incredible asset.

Eugene has an engaging personality and a wonderful sense of humour. I feel very privileged to have gotten to work closely with him and I would love the chance to work with him again." Product Engineering & Operations Manager, North American toy manufacturing & wholesale distribution company - 2022

"Eugene brings exemplary credentials and experience in finance, securities law, corporate finance, and corporate governance to the table. His professionalism, vast knowledge, and experience have been tremendous assets to the company and have advanced the company to the highest level of professional distinction. Eugene personally crafted our sweat equity model, which has allowed this company to demonstrate its proven value. We are honored to have Eugene as part of our team." CEO BJT Energy Resource Group, Canada - 2022

"Eugene is great to work with. Knowledgeable in finance beyond what most are, has a love of data that turns into amazing conversations and learning experiences for those he's speaking with. Always using a moral compass and integrity to keep himself and the team on track. And his sneaky sense of humor is a delight. Look forward to many more years of collaborating on projects."  Director & Board Member (Nova Scotia) BJT Energy Resource Group, Canada - 2021

"Hello Eugene, I am writing solely to thank you for your excellent writing stating your perspective of world energy economics. I do not totally follow the ‘dots’ as you do, however as I read your article I found myself thinking ‘yes that is how my gut feels. Your analysis gave me assurance that I am ‘feeling’ issues in a rational manner. I admire the combination of your brainpower and your writing skills.  … thank you Eugene."  Investor in BJT Energy Resource Group, Canada - 2021

"I met Eugene through a longtime professional colleague of mine, of 15+ years. I had been searching for a roll up the sleeves type of individual, capable of understanding all elements for structuring a multi-faceted energy resource management firm. Eugene has become a valued VP of our corporation, taking on the role of CFO and VP of Finance. In less than a year, he has proven his astute capabilities in managing all aspects of our finance, corporate governance, and securities law initiatives. Eugene is a valued advisor to the board of directors in all of these aspects, and many more outside of his duties.

Eugene’s strong background in Indigenous negotiations and relations has been of great assistance to me, in nurturing our own indigenous relations. We have all greatly benefited from coming to know Eugene both professionally and personally." CEO BJT Energy Resource Group, Canada - 2021

"I have been blessed to work with Eugene. Over the years, I have met and worked with many CFO's and financial experts. I believe that Eugene may be one of the best CFO's I have met or worked with. Aside from that personally, Eugene exhibits the values he says he believes in. His actions confirm his integrity and honesty. In my opinion, Eugene is great at backing up his work with research and then exhibiting the results in a clear, transparent, and informative manner. CPPC and I are fortunate to have Eugene as a colleague and a friend." CEO, (Canada Bit2H2 Corporation, formerly Canadian Prosperity Pipelines Corporation), Canada - 2021

"While collaborating with Eugene and his client, who implemented Yardi’s Voyager Senior Living and Payment Processing software services this spring, I benefited from something special that Eugene possesses. It is a collection of skills, both soft and hard, which feels like sunshine after a cloudy day. Clients often feel a great deal of stress when moving from one software to the next. As the project moves along, confidence is built, and as the implementation wraps up, our clients are thrilled with our software service. This implementation was different because Eugene brought his methodical thinking, his exceptionally positive and professional communication style, his detailed analytic and strategic thinking, and his authentic drive to have fun while learning. Eugene read all the documentation about Voyager, Senior Living, and Payment Processing in Canada, which pertained to the project at hand. He participated in online learning, and he enthusiastically shared his new skills with others. The project wrapped up successfully and on time, and our client’s staff are thrilled to be able to focus their work tasks in new and more productive ways. I would very much look forward to working with Eugene again." - Technical Account Manager, YARDI Voyager, Canada - 2020

"Eugene was instrumental in working with our team while we implemented a new software system with many separate modules. His extensive knowledge of analytics and a keen eye with scheduling to plan ahead kept us on track and gave us the ability to streamline our tasks with a positive end result. Eugene was an absolute pleasure to work with; he is a great team leader, positive role model, and would be a definite asset to any company he works with." - AR & AP Team Lead, Silvera for Seniors, Canada - 2020

"Mr. Eugene Van den Berg is one of those rare individuals that you meet in life who has a strong balance of curiosity, common sense, broad perspective, ability, persistence, purpose, and passion. He is an authentic individual who brings to the Board table his personal brand of professionalism, humility, flexibility and empathy, whilst maintaining clarity on priorities. When times get challenging, Eugene is one of those people that you want rowing alongside you to maintain direction and control. His depth of expertise is broad; dutiful execution, diligence in ESG governance, an informed strategist, and detailed analyst, and of significance, financial depth, awareness, and understanding of large capital projects. He walks the walk, and talks the talk." - Former CEO (2019 to 2019) - (deceased in 2019), Canadian Prosperity Pipelines Corporation, Canada - 2019

"When the Fort McMurray fires happened our company was eligible to receive funding to hire a consultant. We had a vending machine operation that was in need of an outside perspective for us to improve our inventory management and cash flow tracking. Eugene came in and really dug in and assessed all aspects of our operation. His background was very helpful in helping us understand the direction and actions we needed to take. We were very fortunate to have met an A player right off the hop. He helped us improve our inventory tracking, cash flow management and it actually was so well done and streamlined that we got an offer from a local buyer to take over our company. So, our experience with working with Eugene was that we had a learning curve to understand and implement internally. We did so well on his advice and guidance that we had the opportunity to sell our business for a healthy profit. Our whole experience was over and above what we could ever think of. Thank you Eugene!"  - Business Owner, Canada - 2019

"...based on his work, I would rank Eugene as one of the best controllers I have ever worked with. Eugene distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched and well-written reports for our upper management. Eugene is highly intelligent and has superb analytical skills..." - Accounting Administrator - Building Wholesale, Canada. - 2019

"When I think of Eugene, I think of clarity and consistency in compiling and presenting the information. He is a wizard when it comes to financing and Excel spreadsheets. Eugene and I once shared the arduous task of setting up an ERP system on an extremely truncated timeline, and I can say for certain we would not have succeeded without his eye for detail and absolute refusal to fail. He was our rock in a situation comprised of complete chaos. On a personal note, Eugene is kind, professional,  supportive, and a snappy dresser at that. As either a team member or a leader, Eugene earns my highest recommendation. He would be an invaluable asset to any team". Supply Chain Administrator, Building Wholesale, Canada 2019

"I want to express my personal appreciation to you and your team for being so very easy to work with. We have the utmost confidence in you and we look forward to moving into the new year with these significant improvements" Global Leader in Aluminum Extrusion, Canada and USA - 2018

"Eugene has been responsive and excellent to work with. Would like to work with Eugene going forward in the event we move to a more detailed or complicated version of the dashboard."Westana Equipment Leasing, Canada - 2018

Eugene is very passionate about entrepreneurship and continues to steer change towards positive financial outcomes in all client engagements.  During the “Back to Business Coaching Program” after the 2016 wildfires in Fort McMurray, Eugene provided valuable advise for developing recovery options and strategies to local business owners experiencing very difficult times. Eugene has demonstrated his desire “to making a difference” with a strong and positive work ethic during this successful business recovery initiative. We appreciate your contribution!!" - CMC-Alberta Program Manager, Back to Business Coaching Program Fort McMurray, Canada - 2017

“Eugene is an exceptional consultant who moves to quickly build a foundational relationship with his client so that he can truly understand their needs. He then draws from his extensive knowledge and experience to help brainstorm possible solutions and then works with them on decision-making to determine the best solution. Most of all, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and get the job done. He’s focused on results, and committed to supporting his clients long term in whatever way they may need.”- Financial Planner, Fort McMurray, Canada -2017

“I had the pleasure of working with Eugene in 2016 and continue to work with into 2017 after a great experience and fantastic results. Eugene really helped us streamline our business and made our finances more visible to ensure we knew which parts of our business were performing well and which parts needed more attention. Another note in which I really respected was Eugene’s patience and very easy-going attitude, no question or topic raised was ever an issue for him. As a business consultant and mentor, Eugene earns my highest Recommendation, I encourage any business to reach out.”- Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Fort McMurray, Canada -2017

“It was a pleasure working with Eugene. His enthusiasm, dedication and perverseness coupled with his leadership skills and business acumen enable him to cut through the noise and confusion and focus on what is critical to the objectives of the engagement. Eugene’s demonstrated determination, disciplined approach and superior quality in his work makes him a valuable asset to any organization and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or work with Eugene again on any complex challenges.” – Project Manager, Alliance Pipeline, Canada -2015

“I had the pleasure of working with Eugene for one year at Alliance Pipeline, on the Commercial Operations project team representing the accounting group. Eugene has a tremendous work ethic and was very eager to learn about the energy industry. Eugene actively participated and attended team meetings. His energy and willingness to participate in various projects were always visible. I do not hesitate to recommend Eugene in any project focused on financial accounting.”. – Consultant, Alliance Pipeline, Canada - 2015

"I've had the good fortune of collaborating with Eugene on a number of strategic initiatives over the course of a year. A highly competent professional - his eloquence, ethics, and vast knowledge around Finance and Consulting reflect across all aspects of his delivery on engagements. His intellectual curiosity and well-informed opinions make him an inspirational colleague and friend. He thrives on analysis and cutting through complexity in his work. In his tenure with us, he contributed strong leadership skills and showed impressive gravitas when dealing with senior stakeholders across the organization during a time of restructuring. His adaptable style and transferable skill-set will make him a great asset to any team." - Manager, PMO Business Improvements, SNC Lavalin T&D, Canada - 2014

"I worked with Eugene within a Business Transformation PMO team. Eugene was assigned to a number of Finance projects. Eugene has a tremendous work ethic and drives to successfully complete his work and see business benefits realized. He is excellent at seeking understanding of the requirements and effectively puts options out for investigation. His attention to detail, ability to listen and eagerness to incorporate improvements based on feedback leads to solid solutions.

Eugene is prompt with reports, meets his commitments, and actively participates and attends project and team meetings. I always had a clear view of the status and next steps. He escalated to me when appropriate. We rolled out a number of new processes and Eugene demonstrated his willingness to embrace change and provide constructive feedback. I do not hesitate to recommend Eugene and hope I have an opportunity to work with him in the future." – Consultant, PMO Business Improvements, SNC Lavalin T&D, Canada - 2014

“Eugene was brought in to work on a very business-critical initiative that had to be delivered within a short span of time and involved working with and managing multiple cross-functional stakeholders. Eugene managed to deliver on all of his deliverables that involved developing new business processes, developing a very complex excel based coding validation and billing model. Eugene managed to grasp the business challenges in quick time and very successfully used his experience in arriving at solutions. Eugene has proven his credentials as a dependable and reliable resource who can be trusted with solving complex business challenges. Eugene has good people skills and is able to work effectively in a team environment.”. – Project Manager, Business Improvements, SNC Lavalin, Canada - 2014

“Eugene ingeniously put the resources and tools available to him to maximum use and demonstrates a high level of competency. Eugene demonstrates outstanding written communication skills. He listens carefully, asks perceptive questions, and quickly comprehends new or highly complex matters. He implements effective and often innovative communication methods. He is careful to keep others informed in a timely manner. Eugene does not hesitate to make decisions on challenging matters and has confidence in his decision-making abilities. He always ensures that the appropriate people are included in the decision-making process. He can clearly explain the reasoning and provide good support for his decisions. Eugene has no problems in immediately adapting to change. He has earned the respect and trust of his colleagues because of his ethical business conduct, his work ethic and friendly manner.” – Manager, AHS, Canada - 2013

“Eugene is very diligent about project deadlines, is easy to communicate with and engages well with the project team. He is very strong with detailed analysis, strategic thinking and financial reporting. His enthusiasm, project management skills, professional demeanor and eternally upbeat personality is truly an asset”. – Lead: Sustainability and Business Planning, AHS, Canada - 2012

“Eugene displays great diligence, detailed analysis, strategic thinking and leadership in many different ways” – President, ICMCA, Canada - 2012

“Eugene has a tremendous work ethic and drives to successfully complete his work and see business benefits realized. He is admirable at seeking understanding of the requirements and effectively puts options out for investigation.”. – Senior Management Consultant, PMO, SNC Lavalin, Canada - 2013

“Eugene is a highly competent professional. His eloquence, ethics, and vast knowledge around Finance and Consulting reflect across all aspects of his delivery on engagements. His intellectual curiosity and well-informed opinions make him an inspirational colleague. He shows impressive gravitas when dealing with senior stakeholders across the organization. His adaptable style and transferable skill-set makes him a strong professional” – Lead Business Transformation, SNC Lavalin, Canada - 2013

"Throughout the project Eugene has performed at a very high level. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are very good and he has always acted in a very professional manner. He established an excellent rapport with the staff within the corporation and also with external parties. Eugene's knowledge of IFRS is extensive and the work he has performed has exceeded expectations. Eugene was able to come into the Corporation and commence working efficiently with very little direction; a testament to his experience in contract work. Eugene has performed his work with the highest ethics. He is very discreet and is conscious of the need for confidentiality when appropriate. I would engage the services of Eugene on future projects and highly recommend him to others." - CFO, Platinum Communications, Canada - 2011

“Eugene was instrumental in helping convert to IFRS in a very short time. Eugene provides quality work that is always consistent”. – CFO, Winalta Inc., Canada -2011

“Based on his financial- and project management experience covering diverse industries, Eugene was approached by Olympia to consult on its Federal Charter application. The quality of work delivered by Eugene on this project combined with other financial and accounting skills evident, made Eugene a valuable asset in managing the IFRS conversion project for Olympia. Eugene is highly knowledgeable on a variety of financial subjects. Both the Federal Charter project and IFRS conversion project afforded Olympia the opportunity to leverage off Eugene's skills gained from having worked on diverse specialist-assignments and projects in different industries over a number of years. Eugene possesses expert knowledge of financial analysis, highly detailed financial modeling, solid project management experience and good English communication skills, both verbal and written. Eugene has the highest standards of honesty, commitment, dedication and ethical standards. No challenge is too big for Eugene to take on, unpack and develop solutions therefrom. His initiative combined with the ability to source information from a variety of sources, using good communication skills, allows him to develop solutions that consider multiple scenarios in support of project outcomes and deliverables. Eugene is punctual and conscience in meeting pre-set deadlines and requirements. In many instances, deadlines were met before the prescribed time. For instance, Eugene's approach to managing the IFRS conversion project for Olympia resulted in Olympia meeting the deadline approximately two months in advance. His strong organizational skills allowed him to deliver regulatory reporting well in advance of the required deadlines. Eugene communicates fluently through a variety of mediums. He has above average writing-, reading-, verbal- and presentation skills. The information communicated to management and board committees was testimony of Eugene having looked at and analyzed the problem, or task, from a variety of perspectives, allowing senior management to have sufficient information at hand for decision-making. These skills were important in driving and developing the Enterprise Risk framework for Olympia. Eugene's outstanding project management skills, organizational skills and English communication skills combined with deploying good time management abilities and visual-progress-tracking-tools ensures that he maintains adequate attention to deadlines, detail, and deliverables.” – CFO, Olympia Financial Group, Canada - 2010

“Highest respect and admiration for Eugene’s work ethics. Outstanding project-, analytical-, business and economic acumen. Project’s success is the result of his diligence, technical ability, leadership and professional work demeanor.” - Manager, Olympia Financial Group, Canada - 2010

“The mere fact that you were elected to not only serve on the Board of INCA, but on three committees of the Board is an acknowledgment of your skills and talents” CEO, INCA, South Africa - 2008

“Eugene has very high moral and ethical personal and work standards. He executed every mandate on time and with the highest degree of accuracy. His passion for his work, the completeness, work and high degree of accuracy proved to be of significant value in many instances” – Managing Director, Kagiso Financial Services, South Africa -2008

"Eugene's work ethic cannot be easily found in the work place. He is meticulous in everything that he does ensuring the highest quality in substance,form & format, and accuracy. I have worked with Eugene on a number of projects and have always enjoyed the enthusiasm that he always displays. I would recommend Eugene to anyone." – Manager, Kagiso Financial Services, South Africa -2008

“During our co-operation, Eugene proved knowledgeable on all aspects of the securitization product including asset-backed bonds, commercial paper conduits, and debt repackaging. Eugene was quick to understand the fundamentals of the clients' systems, the securitization data analysis methodology, transaction structuring, credit enhancement calculations and modeling. Eugene can adapt and apply his knowledge base in securitization and general banking to various asset classes. Based on his understanding of international market developments, Eugene was also quick to identify regulatory and market trends in South Africa. We were pleased to see international securitization specialist press quoting Eugene regarding regulatory developments that took place in South Africa. Eugene's understanding of these developments, his technical knowledge of debt products and the ability to identify and analyze risks related to corporate debt and securitization made him a very useful member of our transaction team. Throughout our co-operation, Eugene showed a strong motivation to succeed and passion for detail and work quality. On a personal level, he comes across as a motivated friendly professional with a strong positive attitude and approach to managing transactions and we thoroughly enjoyed working with him”. - Securitization Transaction Advisory Team, Tokyo- Mitsubishi International plc., London, UK - 2001

"I have known Eugene for a number of years through securitisation market developments. Eugene comes across as a person with integrity and solid commitment. As the Manager of Market Information and Listings Division, at the Bond Exchange of South Africa, I entertained past securitisation initiatives that Eugene was working on to bring to the market. The quality of disclosure in documentation being prepared solely by Eugene reflects above average commitment to conformity to the highest standard including international best practice. This level of disclosure in support of a debt listing has developed during the past three years has encompassed these international standards. Eugene has always promoted these objectives and principles in the interest of secure, efficient and transparent financial markets. Eugene comes across in a very professional manner and has a good understanding of how various regulations interrelate with one another in order to ensure that credit risks are contained and controlled. I have attended some of the conferences at which Eugene acted as speaker. His depth in knowledge regarding securitisation and debt securities market developments is very evident in his professional and communication skills. Eugene possesses natural positive attitudes and no task is too large for him in working scientifically using his technical abilities towards a positive outcome. Eugene has a strong personality for success, and his determination shows strong character. Eugene has strong abilities that ensures flexibility in respect to corporate structures, credit and interest rate risk, in order to create a better understanding of risks and cash flow behavior supporting debt issuance. Eugene has made himself available to provide assistance beyond his normal work requirements in order to contribute to the long-term development of Bond Exchange and debt markets in South Africa." -  Manager, The Bond Exchange of South Africa, South Africa - 2001 (in late 2000's The Bond Exchange of South Africa merged into The Johannesburg Stock Exchange)

“Eugene had an excellent grasp of the business at hand which, combined with great theoretical and analytic ability, allowed him to deliver excellent work within demanding time constraints. He has a very positive approach to his work. Eugene is prepared to work outside of the expected norm and shows good problem-solving ability by using his own initiative and wide-ranging consideration of alternatives. Excellent attendance and punctuality. I found Eugene able to communicate successfully across a broad range of people on both a personal and business level. Exceptionally good analytic mind and technical knowledge, especially with financial structures. He understood the elements of project finance and was able to bring this understanding to bear on successful outcomes. Eugene was Head Hunted via the Bank’s attorneys and placed in the role because of technical skills. Eugene got on very well with internal and external role players and is very focused on outcomes. He showed good principle, maturity, and enthusiasm” - Director, MLS Bank, South Africa -1998

“...Most outstanding remains Eugene’s commitment to go beyond the minimum requirements of his task and add value through implementing improvements to previously unchallenged inefficiencies. Eugene built a corporate client database and risk summary model which was adopted by the region – one example of many such self-tasked improvements..” - Senior Corporate Banker, ABSA Bank, South Africa -1994

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