Who am I

“A different perspective on quandary solutions” differentiates me from mainstream finance executives, corporate controllers, financial controllers, finance- & change solution providers, and consultants. I am comfortable in my own skin.

My talents stem from International-, Canadian- and varied experience over many years, in finance and financial management combined with a strong focus on implementation, financial process improvement, post-merger integration, developing infrastructure- and project finance, and delivering on compliance & reporting improvements. I practice 360-degree vision around the tasks, projects, and finance aspects I manage. Deep diversity affords me the ability to focus effort around tasks and the broader strategy-implementation level to better support daily financial management requirements, funder- and investor relations.

I bring intensity to what I do, and I am not shy to admit it, I am proud of it as it is part of my DNA, that is who I am, I am a “DOER”. Intensity reflects on the ability to bring a laser-sharp focus as evident in my testimonials. To do things with “intensity” means to live out one’s passions, to be enthusiastic about what one does, setting examples by “doing” instead of “talking”. That is how we get things done, by doing, right? And doing” is what makes a true difference, not merely speaking the words of “making a difference”.

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